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Key points

● Close to London city centre

● 30 years experience

● Interactive themed weeks


Levels: Beginner to Proficient

Accommodation: Host family - spring, winter, autumn, Residence - spring, winter, autumn, Host family - Summer

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Arrival and departure: Sunday to Sunday.

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Disabled Access


Age range: 14 - 17 Years

This school in London has been teaching high quality English for almost 30 years. To the south-west of London, a charming, historical and enigmatic city, the school plays with its location to give a real extension to the Londonion imagination, both inside and outside of its courtyards.
The school is located in a quiet area in Fulham, however, the famous city center, with its bustle and attractions, are only a few tube stops away. With 15 hours of interactive English lessons, linked to a whole programme of activities and excursions linked each week by open themes, it’s impossible to get bored!. So put on your best dandy clothes and discover the hidden facets of the city with the theme "London - our city"; or become a mad scientist and dive into the subject "science and wonder"; or pour completely into the imaginary and the esoteric with the theme "Harry Potter: wonder and magic". In short, you will find your character in this London experience, and live in a story as you learn the English language.

And of course! What's better than learning English in the English capital? A gothic city on the water's edge, multicultural and cosmopolitan! It is during each and every moment of life that we learn the language of Shakespeare; we no longer learn English by memory and recital, we learn it by body, and in immersion. In addition to courses that will help you get into the swing of things, the programme will take you to see London, its monuments and museums, its places of worship and its lesser known attractions. An all-day excursion to Oxford, Cambridge or Brighton is planned each week.

Course duration:
1 - 11 Weeks
Beginner to Proficient
Age group:
Language course:
Start dates:

No dates available at the moment

About this course:
15h of general English and exam preparation per week. Thematic weeks to extend these hours with activities and consolidate learning. Included in the price: 15 hours of general English per week Residential/Homestay accommodation Full board Activities 1 full day excursion Registration fee


Weeks Price
1 Week 1320 CHF
2 Weeks 2480 CHF
3 Weeks 3640 CHF
4 Weeks 4790 CHF
5 Weeks 5900 CHF
6 Weeks 7050 CHF
7 Weeks 8260 CHF
8 Weeks 9370 CHF
9 Weeks 10630 CHF
10 Weeks 11900 CHF
11 Weeks 13050 CHF

Host family: Choosing the host family means making the choice to live with Londoners, eating, talking and sharing with them as a member of the family. It is an immersion in culture, and an extra serene opportunity to practice your English throughout the day. Each family is specially prepared to carry out this role.

Residence (located in the same building as the school itseld) : This is a place in the heart of London and where you can share your room with new friends, with a private bathroom. Studious place where you can live like a real London student!

Accommodation Description Price front.Galery
Host family - spring, winter, autumn The best opportunity to experience the atmospheres and lifestyles of England! In single, twin or triple room. No Fee
Residence - spring, winter, autumn The unique chance to stay in the heart of London on the road to independence! Staff members are present 24 hours a day. In single, twin or triple room and bathroom en suite. No Fee
Host family - Summer The best opportunity to experience the atmospheres and lifestyles of England! In single, twin or triple room. No Fee
Homestay option- Chaperon service For students aged under the age of 14 this service is compulsory 140 CHF / per week
Residence - summer The unique chance to stay in the heart of London on the road to independence! Staff members are present 24 hours a day. In single, twin or triple room and bathroom en suite. No Fee
  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:30-8:30 Breakfast Full day trip to Oxford: University Parks; Lunch in Christchurch Meadows; Christchurch College (where Harry Potter was filmed)
9:00-10:30 Free Time Vocabulary and Speaking: mobile phones; Vocabulary and Discussion: modern technology; Grammar: modal verbs (obligation) Reading and Speaking: good manners in different cultures; Listening: British culture; Pronunciation: sentence stress Reading and Speaking: judging by appearances; Vocabulary: describing people; Pronunciation  Grammar: modal verbs (deduction); Speaking and Listening: judging by appearances Vocabulary: -ed/-ing adjectives Revision of the week
10:45-11:30   Listening and Speaking: strange laws arround the world Speaking: good and bad manners in your country Listening: British culture; Speaking: National stereotypes Writing: describing people - appearence and character Pronuncation: polite questions and answers; Speaking: role playing interviews
11:45-12:30 Visit to Hyde Park and the Science Museum Reading: how cultures have changed over the last 100 years; Discussion: is life better today than it was in the past? Culture: The Royal Family. This lesson is linked to the afternoon trip to Windsor Casle   Project: A photo story (using photos and experiences from Windsor) Project: A photo story (using photos and experiences from Windsor) Discussion: how people should look and dress in different situations 
12:30-13:30 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum Half-day trip to Windsor, visit to Windsor Castle Trip to Greenwitch and the National Maritime Museum Trip to Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square  Trip to Westminster and Buckingham Palace
18:00-19:00 Dinner Dinner
19:30-21:30 Free Time or Sports Free Time or Football Free Time or Movie Night Free Time or Walking tour of Wimbeldon Free Time or Quiz Night Free Time or Football Free Time or Movie Night
22:00 Lights out

This is a sample programme. Activities and excursions may change depending on weather and other factors beyond our control.

The activities programme is varied and fun,
and gives you the chance to further practice your English:
• Sports, including
• Arts and Crafts
• Film-Making
• Film Nights
• Quiz Nights
• Quizzes
• Discos
and many more...

Every week you'll go on a full-day excursion to
one of Britain’s beautiful and historic cities.
Students are accompanied by teachers and
activity leaders.

Destinations include
• Bath and Stonehenge: World-famous
monument, Roman baths,
Historic architecture
• Brighton: The Royal Pavilion, The Seven
Sisters cliffs, The famous beach
and pier
• Oxford: The historic university, Christ
Church College (Hogwarts
and many more...

Full weekend trips can be added for an additional charge, please contact us directly for more information.

Airport transfer

Arrivals must be on Sunday after 14:00 only dinner will be provided

Arrivals at other times will be subject to an additional charge

Departures must be on Sunday before 12:00 only breakfast will be provided.

Departure at other times will be subject to additional charges.

  • Transfer to/from Heathrow Airport - £75
  • Transfer to/from Gatwick Airport - £95
  • Transfer to/from Standard Airport - £100
  • Transfer to/from Luton Airport - £95
  • Unaccompanied minor fee - £50 

*Please Note: Prices here are listed in GBP (£), the price will appear in our booking form in Swiss Francs (CHF)

The flight is not included in the price.


5 reasons to choose friLingue

Language Camps

12 Years

Nationality mix

friLingue is hugely popular in the domestic market as well as internationally, providing international and local Swiss students the opportunity to mix and exchange languages within the camp.


We place emphasis on a young, creative and motivated teaching body and an international atmosphere with volunteers from all over the world


Our camps are held in some of Switzerland's most stunning and unique locations - expect Alpine mountains and freshwater lakes that will take your breath away!


Our young, creative and diverse group of teachers are encouraged to use more fun and interactive methods, making the language more accessible to each student.

Small class sizes

Our classes are held in small classes of around 6 students, providing more teacher-student contact that allows the teacher to focus upon the specific learning needs of each student. Average number of students per class in 2017: 5.

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