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While Austria may look small on the map, you shouldn't be fooled, the country's towering mountains and rugged terrain give a lot more ground to explore than first meets the eye; in Austria, the journey truly is the destination!

It's not only its rugged, natural terrain that's noteworthy however, a meander around the capital city of Vienna will transport you back to the country's Imperial past. Though it might be better known for its Baroque and Gothic architecture, slick-and-cool modern buildings are starting to pop-up in cities across the country, such as the luminous glass cube that is the Ars Electronica in Linz or the sci-fi-esque KunstHaus in Graz.

It may be stamping its name on the contemporary scene, Austria can still not escape its rich history, particularly when it comes to its notable figures as it still dances with Mozart, flirts with Freud and serenades with Strauss.

So whether you enjoy rambling through the mountains, wandering back through history or are simply a sucker for a cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, we can guarantee that after your first trip to Austria it's you who'll be uttering the famous words:

I'll be back!

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