Family Language Camp


Family Language Camp

From 1000 CHF

Course start dates

12.02 / 19.02 / 26.02 / 05.03 / 09.04 / 16.04 / 25.06 / 02.07 / 09.07 / 16.07 / 23.07 / 30.07 / 06.08 / 08.10 / 15.10 / 22.10.2023

Key points

● Language camp for the whole family

● German and English classes in small groups

● Classes in groups of 3

● Outdoor Activities

● Arrival is on Sunday, departure is on Sunday

● Parents have language classes in the classroom for adults

● Parents and children are on the same camp

Language And Holiday Camps

Levels: A1-Beginner to C1-Advanced

Accommodation: 4 and 6 Bed room, Single room, Double room

Levels: Beginner to proficient

Reservation: You can book 10 lessons of 45 minutes per week of language lessons (English, French or German).







Age range: 6-17 & 18+ Years

Language holidays for the whole family in the beautiful Glanerland


In Braunwald, in the Glarus canton, is the newest friLingual camp! Every season we welcome children and teenagers of different mother tongues and help them to progress in English or German and also in Mathematics! 

Parents can now spend their vacation with their children and participate in the camp program with them! However, if you prefer to organise your own programme, this is also possible.

During their stay, parents can discover the beauty of nature, expand their language skills and meet new and exciting people!

You can decide which activities you would like to participate in. 

Accommodation during the family language stay

You are accommodated in the same hostel as your children. It is possible to choose between a family room (4 and 6 bedrooms) for the whole family or a double or single room for more privacy.

This means that your children can sleep with you or with their colleagues.



Our friLingue camp kitchen is known throughout the language travel world for its quality. The majority of children think that our food is very good. That is quite something!

All 3 meals per day are also included for all family.



During two afternoons of the week, we organize workshops such as theater, sports, photography, cooking, different fields of art, yoga etc. 

The workshops are designed for children and teenagers, but you can also participate. 

Another option is to go out on your own to discover beautiful places in the area. We will be happy to help you and give you good tips. ;)

Excursions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and all day Saturdays take us to explore Switzerland, its towns and villages, its culture and nature. We go hiking in the mountains with amazing views or spend a whole afternoon doing activities by the lake.

Excursions are always a time of fun and sharing and we recommend that you be part of these adventures! However, they are also optional for you.

Every evening, between dinner and bedtime, we organize activities for the children and teenagers such as: games, challenges, quizzes, karaoke etc.

You are very welcome, if you are not yet very tired... :)


Airport transfer

Besides that, we will pick up families from abroad at Zurich airport and bring them back at the end of their stay.


We recommend you to be part of these highlights!


Course duration:
1 - 23 Weeks
A1-Beginner to C1-Advanced
Age group:
Start dates:

12.02 / 19.02 / 26.02 / 05.03.2023

09.04 / 16.04.2023

25.06 / 02.07 / 09.07 / 16.07 / 23.07 / 30.07 / 06.08.2023

08.10 / 15.10 / 22.10.2023

Language Courses:
About this course:

The price for adults (per person) is 1000 CHF per week. 

The price includes:

- meals
- evening activities*
- excursions (2 in winter and 3 in Summer, Spring and Autumn)*
- accommodation in a family room (4 or 6-bedded room / it can be with or without shower)
- transfers from and to Zurich airport
- workshops - Only in Summer, Spring and Autumn*, 2 times a week

* workshops, excursions, and evening activities WITH kids. Adults can participate in the activities with the children if and when they want. We do not organize activities specifically for adults.


Weeks Price
1 Week 1000 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2000 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3000 CHF Book now
4 Weeks 4000 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1000 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2000 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1000 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2000 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3000 CHF Book now
4 Weeks 4000 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1000 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2000 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3000 CHF Book now

Braunwald - the sunny terrace of the Glarnerland is ideal for learning German or English!

The Braunwald camp takes place in our own hostel.

We have plenty of space: three terraces, a TV room, lounges, a restaurant, a small self-service kitchen, toilets on all floors and a 90m² room exclusively for friLingue activities! There is also a bar with syrup and other non-alcoholic treats! In addition, there is a games room with table football, a pool table and other games.


Braunwald is car-free and lies above the sea of fog. The only access is by the funicular from Linthal. The climb takes about 7 minutes.

Accommodation Description Price Gallery
4 and 6 Bed room No Fee
Double room 200 CHF / per week
Single room 300 CHF / per week

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Free Class Class Class Class Class Excursion
Afternoon Arrivals Workshops Hiking Workshops Adventure Park/ Laser Tag Free Excursion
Evening Welcome meeting & Oral test Sport Casino Night Karaoke Free  Disco Free

This is a provisional sample program for Kids. Activities and excursions can, for example, change in bad weather or be beyond our responsibility due to force majeure or other circumstances.

Language lessons

Language courses for adults are with 1-3 participants on average.

Language courses and ski or snowboard courses are offered outside the children's courses.
You can aggre the exact time (days and times) directly with the teacher and/or instructor on the day of your arrival.

If you are two adults (a couple or two adults from two friendly families) who book together for the same language and/or the same winter sport (skiing or snowboarding) - and for the same week - you only pay once for the course.

The ski pass is not included in the price. You can buy as many days as you wishe on site. This should include the days of ski or snowboard lessons if you book lessons with us.



Workshops, excursions and evening activites are WITH kids. You can participate in the activities with the children if and when you want. We do not organise activities specifically for parents.



We offer a wide range of workshops, including sports workshops (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, frisbee, American football, etc.), art workshops (painting, drawing, graffiti, dance, yoga, meditation, etc.), cooking workshops and many others.
In order for you to get the most out of the languages, our workshops are mostly multilingual.

Evening activities

If you still have the energy to keep up with your children...

Our fun evening activities include: disco night, karaoke evening, card and board games, casino, movie night, campfire, zombie & werewolf games, sardines, reverse hiding, and much more.



Two weekday afternoon excursions and a full day excursion on Saturday are included in your stay. Together we discover the sights and beauties of the region.

WINTER: 25.12.2022 / 01.01 / 08.01 / 15.01 / 22.01 / 29.01 / 05.02 / 12.02 / 19.02 / 26.02 / 05.03.2023
SPRING09.04 / 16.04.2023.
SUMMER: 25.06 / 02.07 / 09.07 / 16.07 / 23.07 / 30.07 / 06.08.2023
AUTUMN: 08.10 / 15.10 / 22.10.2023

In Braunwald, we offer for parents the opportunity to accompany their kids on their language camp. Parents can also book a private language course or simply enjoy the discovery of this amazing region. 

The price for adults (per person) is 1000 CHF per week. 

The price includes:

- Full-board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- evening activities*
- 3 excursions per week*
- accommodation in a family room (4 or 6-bedded room / it can be with or without shower)
- transfers from and to Zurich Airport ((for those arriving from abroad)
- 2 workshops per week

* workshops, excursions and evening activities offered are WITH kids. Adults can participate in the activities with the children if and when they want. We do not organize specific activities for adults.

IMPORTANT: Some kids prefer to sleep with their parents. When you make a reservation for your children, simply choose the option of a 4-bed or 6-bed room, depending on the size of your family.

Arrival / Departure:
Arrivals are always on Sundays and departures are usually on Saturdays.
But, if you have booked the transfer service to Zurich airport with us, the departure is on Sunday.  

Optional extras for adults:

Service                                                            Price per person/week
Language course (German, English) 10 lessons of 45 minutes* 600 CHF
Accommodation single room 300 CHF
Accommodation double room 200 CHF
Special diet - (Gluten-free, Lactose-free) 100 CHF

*Two adults (a couple or two adults from two family friends) who book together for the same language and the same week - they pay only once.

*Language lessons are offered outside the kids' classes.
The exact timetable (days and hours) will be agreed upon directly with the teacher and instructor on Sunday, the day of their arrival.

*Adult classes: 1-3 participants on average.

Please contact the office directly to register for the Family Language Camp.

Camp Location

5 reasons to choose friLingue

Language Camps

16 Years

Nationality mix

friLingue is hugely popular in the domestic market as well as internationally, providing international and local Swiss students the opportunity to mix and exchange languages within the camp.


We place emphasis on a young, creative and motivated teaching body and an international atmosphere with volunteers from all over the world


Our camps are held in some of Switzerland's most stunning and unique locations - expect Alpine mountains and freshwater lakes that will take your breath away!


Our young, creative and diverse group of teachers are encouraged to use more fun and interactive methods, making the language more accessible to each student.

Small class sizes

Our classes are held in small classes of around 6 students, providing more teacher-student contact that allows the teacher to focus upon the specific learning needs of each student. Average number of students per class in 2020: 5.

Find the friLingue camp for you!