friLingue has been working with Kovive since 2014. Kovive organizes holidays and recreation for the most vulnerable in our society.
Every child deserves loving care and targeted support. That is why we help children and adolescents affected by poverty in Switzerland. We offer development and future opportunities. friLingue and Kovive are working together to ensure that opportunities are not denied to children from financially disadvantaged families. In total, this collaboration enables more than 20 language holidays in Switzerland at a reduced price each year.

Workcamp Switzerland is a longstanding partner of friLingue who provides us with volunteers from all over the world. These, mostly young, adults fill our language camps with energy and contribute with their exciting backgrounds and stories to a colorful and multicultural camp. So far, 37 international volunteers from 18 nations have enriched our camps. These came from Russia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Serbia, Korea, Italy, Taiwan, France, Denmark, Spain, Afghanistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Georgia and of course Switzerland.
Workcamp allows holidays in an unconventional way, as part of an eventful stay away from tourist crowds, to get to know the culture and people up close and to fulfill a good cause. As a volunteer, you work together for two weeks on a voluntary basis for a good cause - in the ecological, social or cultural area. But it's not just the work that's waiting for you; also trips, locals and lots of exciting experiences.

Since 2017, friLingue has also been cooperating with the CH Foundation for Swiss Federal Cooperation. We participate in the exchange and mobility programme.
The CH Foundation for Confederation Cooperation is an inter-cantonal organization that operates in all 26 Swiss cantons. It promotes understanding between the language communities and cultures as well as cooperation among the cantons and with the federal government. It is committed to the idea of federalism. The culmination of cultural policy is a central purpose of the CH Foundation supported by all cantons. Since 1976, they have developed a diverse range of services in the service of formal and non-formal education.

friLingue favors the purchase of local products. We cook with fresh food from Swiss farms.

In addition, as far as possible, public transport by train from Zurich and Bern stations to our camps is carried out.