Volunteering in Switzerland

Are you aged 20 or over and have to do a language stay for your school, college or university? Or would you simply like to have an incredible & unique summer experience where you can meet interesting people from Switzerland and all over the world, have the best summer job of your life and maybe even learn a new language whilst you‘re at it?

Then with friLingue, you‘re in exactly the right place!

Volunteering in one of our language camps in Switzerland means that you'll get to exchange and share experiences with other young people from all over the world, as well as from right here in Switzerland. Our volunteers, staff and participating kids come from all across the world to share in the unique & international ambience of our camps - so bring your talents, stories & experiences and join us!

So what will I be doing?

Volunteer's duties involve assisting the chef in the kitchen & cleaning as well as getting involved with the kids activities, including joining us on the excursions - meaning that you'll get to explore some of Switzerland during your time with us. When it comes to the activities, we always love people who are keen to show off their hobbies and talents, so if you're the arty, music or theatrical type, we'd love for you to put on an evening performance around the campfire or conduct a special workshop for the kids. As you'll only be required to work between 4 and 6 hours per day, with one or two days off each week, you'll also have enough free time to go off and explore some nearby cities and landmarks, either on your own or with some of the new-found friends you're guaranteed to make.

There's also the option to combine your volunteering experience with either a French, German or English language course.

With this option, you'll attend class in the afternoon, 3 times a week, and reduce your working hours.

We offer two different programs:


1 Beeing a volonteer

50 CHF per week.

Included in this price: accommodation, full-board, excursions, social program.

Participants must be older than 20


2 Beeing a volonteer and learning

500 CHF per week.

Included in this price: accommodation, full-board, excursions, social program and 15 hours of English, German or French classes per week, in the morning

Less hours of work are expecting from these volonteers (4 to 6 hours a day on average)

Participants must be older than 20

So why not join us? At friLingue we pride ourselves on being a huge family and like to remain in contact even after the camp season is over - we even have a dedicated Facebook page so former friLingue staff and volunteers can keep in contact and even arrange get togethers afterwards. There's alo always the opportunity to come back and join us again, perhaps as a teacher or an animator the next time!