The fun school

Most teenagers wouldn’t want to spend their summer break in another dull school room. Summer camps, on the other hand, enjoy huge popularity. Luckily, fRilingue manages to combine language learning and exciting summer camps into one great experience. 

Could your children do with a little brushing up of their French, German or English skills? If so, you may consider a Swiss summer camp in Estavayer, Schwarzsee or Fribourg organized by fRilingue. From 9 am to 12.30 pm (plus 4 or 6 extra lessons if they opt for the intense course), students are thought grammar, vocabulary and practical conversation in French, German or English. “What makes fRilingue so special is that our students are thought in groups of only six”, says Philipp Alexander Weber, founder, and director of fRilingue, about his innovative concept. “This environment helps the students to particularly improve their spoken language skills.”  

At fRilingue, learning is playful, yet productive. “All our teachers are young, sometimes they are still studying or they have just finished university”, continues Weber. “In any case, we have trained them – not in terms of performance, but in humor! This is why they will fascinate you, surprise you, make you laugh… because a language is best learned with joy! We ensure to employ cheerful and kind-hearted guides, who bring a positive vibe to the camp.” 

When the school part of the day is done, there are tons of activities to keep the kids entertained, make new friends and discover hidden talents. “We offer workshops centered around themes like theatre, media, sport, photography or spraying”, adds Weber. “We also undertake trips to historic towns or sites, beaches, lakes, etc. In the evening, we organize discos, karaoke, campfires or sports tournaments.”

fRilingue also offers language holidays in England and France and special Swiss summer camps for slightly younger children. In the Indian Camp (7-14 years) and the Adventure Camp (10-15 years), the kids will encounter people from all over the world – an experience that in many cases awakens an interest in foreign languages. Fun, for now, this could prove useful in the future.