Founder, Switzerland
"I founded fRilingue in 2007 because I wanted to bring young people together and give them the chance to discover, like I did when I was a teenager, how much fun it is to learn a language in a beautiful location with new friends and energetic teachers.
I have participated and worked in camp and outdoor programs all my life - as a group leader, teacher, ski instructor, and even as a clown during my university studies! I love to hike, read philosophy and literature, discuss politics and life, travel, play chess, play soccer, ski, and dance.
There are three core values that are important to me and which form the foundation of the fRilingue philosophy: 1. Compassion 2. Professionalism  3. Openness."

CEO, Serbia
"In the summer of 2009 I was looking for a summer camp. I found fRilingue and it changed my life. After my first experience, I knew immediately that I wanted to come back.
For me, fRilingue offered the best of Switzerland; a uniquely positive atmoshpere, an international environment, breathtaking scenery, clean lakes and well-maintained beaches - as well as interesting participants from all over the world.
Luckily, my wish to return was more than fulfilled. I returned the next year as leader of the volunteers and was promoted every year thereafter; I went on to become a campleader the following year and, since 2012, I have been in charge of all the camps, working for fRilingue the whole year round.
Working with fRilingue has given me some valuable life skills; I improved my English, learned German and developed a strong work ethic. Furthermore, the international environment encouraged me to travel all over the world. Since 2010, we have had more than 1000 different participants annually, 25% of whom are returning to our camps each year. This is a positive reflection of the fRilingue experience, making my job very satisfying indeed!"

Content Writer, Organiser & English Teacher, Scotland
"I first came to fRilingue as an English teacher in the summer of 2013, and continued to return each season whilst I was studying for my bachelor degree. After completing my bachelor degree in June 2015, I decided to take my involvement with the company further, returning as a teacher for the summer and then staying on to start a year-long internship starting in September.
I've since stayed on as part of the office team and have worked for the company in Switzerland, Brazil and Serbia.
For me, part of the magic of fRilingue is that the international and multilingual environment allows language learning to extend way beyond the classroom. It is also not only the participants who can improve their language skills;
I myself have developed conversational skills in French and more recently in Portguese since joining back in 2013, and I know that many of my colleagues can say the same."

Sales Representative, Russia
"Why did I start working in the education and travel industry? I always loved two things in this life; working with people and travelling, and when connected with education it creates a perfect combination that makes me happy with what I'm doing - I love finding the perfect programme for a customer and helping them make the right decision. fRilingue, for me, is an organisation that changes people's lives for the better; I love it and I want to share my love and experience with industry professionals and students alike! I studied abroad in both Finland and the UK, so I feel that's what motived me to set-off down this road.
If I could travel anywhere, and to any point in history, I'd go back and keep the original idea of the single world language after the constrction of the Tower of Babel as I'd like to be able to communicate with and understand people from all over the world. That said, if I were granted this wish, I'd have to find another industry to work in; it'd be a Catch 22 I guess!"

Head of Teaching & Creativity, France
"I first came to fRilingue not long after I graduated with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Paris. It was summer 2011, and I'll never forget my first experience of teaching French as a foreign language in such a thrilling environment. In camps, life is so intense; you share all your time and energy with other learners and staff members; the kids, volunteers, teachers & organisers.
That's why I never stopped participating, living it as a breath of fresh air in between times of intense studying and teaching high school philosophy - and it also served as a practical extension of them! Here everybody can learn from each other, and this liberation from the more rigorous and disciplined forms of education allows for more self-enjoyment, confidence and creativity.
In September 2016, I started to work full time in order to extend my experience in these "arts" of composing common worlds of expressions, where everybody can learn and live together with joy."

Office and Organisation Team, Germany
"I started with fRilingue as a web content creator in 2014 whilst studying media & communication in Fribourg. Immediately falling in love with the international, multilingual, fun atmosphere and the out of the box approach, I joined the office and organisation team on a full time basis in spring 2016. With my background in youth work and huge passion for languages and people, fRilingue enables me to help kids and adults from all over the world to develop their language skills and personality - and I also benefit myself from the endless variety of positive and unique experiences, people and stories
Outside of work I love to travel the world, eat plenty of delicious food and watch my beloved VfB Stuttgart winning the Champions League!"