Mathematics Camp


Mathematics Camp

From 1250 CHF

Start dates

31.03 / 07.04 / 14.04 / 21.04 / 28.04 / 30.06 / 07.07 / 14.07 / 21.07 / 28.07 / 04.08 / 11.08 / 29.09 / 06.10 / 13.10 / 20.10.2024

Key points

● Mathematics lessons and activities!

● For German and english speakers

● Motivating teaching methods

● Sports, workshops and excursions

● Learn mathematics with a smile on your face!

● In groups of 8 participants in average per class

● Optional: ski or snowboard lessons (in winter)

● Daycamp / Family Language Trip

School details

Levels: Suitable for all levels

Accommodation: 4-6 bed room - shared bathroom, 4-6 Bed room - private bathroom, 2-Bed room - private bathroom

More accommodations

Arrival : on Sunday

Departure: on Saturday (local kids) or on Sunday (international kids)

Age range: 10 - 15 Years





A holiday camp to improve your mathematics skills in a good mood!

You feel like at sixes and sevens over what to do to solve an equation? After a week or two at Braunwald, you'll be in seventh heaven or maybe even on cloud nine, for our Math camp is a perfect ten!

In our Adrenalin Backpackers Hotel, we’ll help you to get over all your difficulties with numbers and to get prepared for your exams, all this while making sure you’re having fun during your whole stay…


For all teenagers from 10 to 15 years old.


In small groups of 8 pupils in average, you’ll review the lessons you’ve learned at school, but not like in school: our young teachers will do their best so that you feel at ease, you gain confidence and discover how fascinating and amusing mathematics can be!

Every morning*, three hours of mathematics lessons in our chalet or in a nearby building – and in the afternoon, you’ll take part to activities and excursions to have a wonderful vacation.


And excellent price-quality ratio
15 hours** of mathematics tutoring, in full pension. The young participants will sleep in our comfortable dormitories and enjoy the delicious meals prepared by our chef.

Participants can also take part to English, German or French classes in the afternoon (2 or 3 times a week).


Important: Depending on the number/type of registrations, the lessons will be held in German or English. If you don't understand German and would like to have the course in English, please contact us via email or phone!


* in Winter, the courses are held in the afternoon.
** in Winter we only offer 12h mathematic tutoring

You can find more information under the tab "Dates & Prices"

Camp Duration:
1 - 16 Weeks
Suitable for all levels
Age group:
Start dates:

31.03 / 07.04 / 14.04 / 21.04 / 28.04.2024

30.06 / 07.07 / 14.07 / 21.07 / 28.07 / 04.08 / 11.08.2024

29.09 / 06.10 / 13.10 / 20.10.2024

Language Courses:
No language course
About this camp:

Mathematics lessons
15 hours a week, in the morning, in groups of 8 participants on average.
The pedagogical approach goes through games so that pupils have fun all the time!
Please note that the lessons are held in English

Also included in this price:
- full-board accommodation
- activities and excursions
- 24-hour supervision

In the last two weeks of spring (21.04. and 28.04.) the math camp will take place at Liddes St. Bernhard!


Weeks Price
1 Week 1250 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2500 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3750 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1250 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2500 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3750 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1250 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2500 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3750 CHF Book now

Our accommodation options at the Adrenalin Backpackers Hotel are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring a delightful stay for your child.

The Adrenalin Backpackers Hotel awaits you on a sunny terrace in the Glarus Alps with the most beautiful views! The common room offers a lot of space where we can learn, play, dance, laugh and do much more together. We also have a common room with a pool table, soccer box and it will certainly never be boring!

For those who love the camaraderie of group living, our spacious 4-6 bedroom rooms with shared bathrooms provide a vibrant and social atmosphere where campers can bond and create lasting connections. Alternatively, if privacy is preferred, our 4-6 bedroom rooms with private bathrooms offer a more intimate setting while still accommodating a small group.

For families or close-knit friends, our 2-bedroom rooms with private bathrooms provide a cozy and homely space to relax and unwind. For those seeking their own private sanctuary, our single rooms with private bathrooms offer a tranquil retreat where campers can rest and recharge. We also offer dormitory-style rooms with shared bathrooms, perfect for fostering new friendships and building a strong sense of community.

Whichever room type you choose, rest assured that your child's comfort and safety are our utmost priority. 

Accommodation Description Price Gallery
4-6 bed room - shared bathroom Rooms with four, five, or six beds will be assigned to you based on availability. 150 CHF / per week
4-6 Bed room - private bathroom Rooms with four, five, or six beds will be assigned to you based on availability. 300 CHF / per week
2-Bed room - private bathroom 450 CHF / per week
Single room with shower - private bathroom 600 CHF / per week
Dormitory - shared bathroom No Fee
Single room - shared bathroom 525 CHF / per week

Example of a winter program

   Sunday  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning   Ski or Snowboard/ Activities Ski or Snowboard/ Activities Ski or Snowboard/ Activities Ski or Snowboard/ Activities Ski or Snowboard/ Activities Full-day excursion
Lunch & Break
Afternoon  Arrival Maths lessons Maths lessons Excursion Maths lessons Maths lessons Full-day excursion
Dinner & Break
Evening Welcome
and games
 Werewolf  Filmabend Casino Free evening Disco Departure

Example of a spring/summer/autumn program

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning   Maths lessons Maths lessons Maths lessons Maths lessons Maths lessons Full-day excursion
Lunch & Break
Afternoon  Arrival Intensive Course/ Workshops Excursion/ Hike Intensive Course/ Workshops Excursion in the region Intensive Course/ Free Afternoon Full-day excursion
Dinner & Break
Evening Welcome
and games
Camp-Olympiade/ Sport Creative Evening Theme evening Film evening Camp-Disco  


This is a sample programme. Activities and excursions may change depending on weather and other circumstances.

We want to combine teaching, workshops, excursions and evening programs in a thematic way, thus continuing the learning experience beyond the classroom!
The following workshops are part of our camps:

    Media / camping / photography
    (bilingual German / French / English)
    Theater / films
    (bilingual German / French / English)
    Sports / Soccer / Tennis / Volleyball / Hiking / Swimming

Depending on the strengths and interests of the children, and also of our staff, we offer at least two different workshops per afternoon.

Evening Programme

    Match d'Impro (improvisational theater)
    Bearing fire and barbecue in the forest
    Casino night
    Free evening
    Movie night
    Theme night
    Challenges and skill games

Two excursions per week in the afternoon as well as an all-day excursion on Saturday are included in the stay so we can discover the sights and sounds of the region together!


INTENSIVE COURSE - Additional lessons in the afternoon in English or German -> only in spring, summer and autumn or French -> only in summer
2 or 3 afternoons of 90 minutes (100 / 150 CHF extra).

SKI OR SNOWBOARD LESSONS: 250 CHF per week (only in winter)
4 half-days per week

We accompany you to the check-in desk, providing guidance and assistance. Please note, that our service ends at the desk, ensuring a smooth handoff before processing. This service is only available if you book a departure transfer.

SKI EQUIPMENT RENTAL: 150 CHF per week (only in winter)
ski/snowboard, helmet, ski shoes & ski poles 

Laundry Service
(for participants who need to wash their clothes): 40 CHF

40 CHF
We accompany you to the check-in desk, providing guidance and assistance. Please note, that our service ends at the desk, ensuring a smooth handoff before processing. This service is only available if you book a departure transfer.

Gluten-free, lactose-free: 100 CHF

Extra week 

For all participants who spontaneously decide during the camp to extend their stay for one week: from 1000 CHF

Airport Transfers (Please contact us if you are interested in this option)
A member of our team welcomes the young participant at the airport and take him/her to the camp with other students. On the last day, he or she is accompanied back to the airport. (please inform us as soon as you can about the details of the flight)
1. Zurich: Every Sunday - 150 CHF each way
    Arrival between 10am and 6pm
    Departure between 11am and 6pm
    The first group leaves at 2.30pm
    The second group leaves at 6pm
2. Zurich: For flights arriving outside the hours of 10am - 6pm - 400 CHF each way
3. Private transfers from Zurich airport - 500 CHF each way

Accompanied Train Ride from Zurich or Bern:

A member of our team waits for the participants in Zurich or Bern (each time at the main train station) and takes them to the camp along with other children and teenagers (by bus or train). At the end of the week, the participants are accompanied back to Zurich or Bern (again, to the main train station) until their parents (or another adult designed by the parents) wait for them.
Price (per way): 40 CHF from or to Zurich, 60 CHF from or to Bern (price includes the train ticket)
Price (per way) for participants with a General Abonnement (GA): 25 CHF from or to Zurich, 25 CHF from or to Bern.
Please note that for any late change (10 days before the camps or less) after booking this service (cancellation or other destination), friLingue will have to charge administration fees (40 CHF)

Arrivals are on Sundays between 5 and 6pm at the chalet where friendly members of our staff will be waiting to welcome you and show you to your room
Departures are every Saturday after the excursion between 3.30 and 4pm depending on the excursion location that week. The exact time and location will be confirmed by the camp leader during the week.
It is also possible for parents or guardians to collect their children directly from the camp either on Friday evening or on Saturday morning before 10am, we just kindly ask that you notify the camp leader in advance.


In Braunwald, we offer for parents the opportunity to accompany their kids on their language camp. Parents can also book a private language course or simply enjoy the discovery of this amazing region. 

The price for adults (per person) is 1000 CHF per week. 

The price includes:

- Full-board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- evening activities*
- 3 excursions per week*
- accommodation in a family room (4 or 6-bedded room / it can be with or without shower)
- transfers from and to Zurich Airport ((for those arriving from abroad)
- 2 workshops per week

* workshops, excursions and evening activities offered are WITH kids. Adults can participate in the activities with the children if and when they want. We do not organize specific activities for adults.

IMPORTANT: Some kids prefer to sleep with their parents. When you make a reservation for your children, simply choose the option of a 4-bed or 6-bed room, depending on the size of your family.

Arrival / Departure:
Arrivals are always on Sundays and departures are usually on Saturdays.
But, if you have booked the transfer service to Zurich airport with us, the departure is on Sunday.  

Optional extras for adults:

Service                                                            Price per person/week
Language course (German, English) 10 lessons of 45 minutes* 600 CHF
Accommodation single room 300 CHF
Accommodation double room 200 CHF
Special diet - (Gluten-free, Lactose-free) 100 CHF

*Two adults (a couple or two adults from two family friends) who book together for the same language and the same week - they pay only once.

*Language lessons are offered outside the kids' classes.
The exact timetable (days and hours) will be agreed upon directly with the teacher and instructor on Sunday, the day of their arrival.

*Adult classes: 1-3 participants on average.

Option: Ski & Snowboard lessons in winter

Please contact the office directly to register for the Family Language Camp.

Camp Location

street view

5 reasons to choose friLingue

Language Camps

17 Years

Nationality mix

friLingue is hugely popular in the domestic market as well as internationally, providing international and local Swiss students the opportunity to mix and exchange languages within the camp.


We place emphasis on a young, creative and motivated teaching body and an international atmosphere with volunteers from all over the world


Our camps are held in some of Switzerland's most stunning and unique locations - expect Alpine mountains and freshwater lakes that will take your breath away!


Our young, creative and diverse group of teachers are encouraged to use more fun and interactive methods, making the language more accessible to each student.

Small class sizes

Our classes are held in small classes of around 6 students, providing more teacher-student contact that allows the teacher to focus upon the specific learning needs of each student. Average number of students per class in 2022: 5.

Find the friLingue camp for you!