Fáilte and welcome to Ireland!


The picturesque landscapes, the natural affection and the open & welcoming nature of the Irish people are all things that make this unique country appeal to the masses. The vibrant capital city of Dublin, along with the numerous natural & historic sights and sounds throughout the country all make for a perfect language experience that's guaranteed to make your dreams come true!

On the west coast of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher await you, overlooking the sea from a height of over 214 meters. The north of the island is rugged and bare, yet so captivating and incredibly charming. In Kerry, the climate is surprisingly mild, especially during the summer, meaning you can swim in the sea or surf the waves at one of its white, sandy beaches.

And in your interesting and international group of newfound friends, learning English in Ireland will be a pleasure, not least because the Irish English is soft, comforting and almost spellbinding with its charm. So, come on, let yourself be captivated by the magic of the Emerald Isle and join us for a language holiday that you'll never forget!

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