friLingue Open Tennis Camp


friLingue Open Tennis Camp

From 1400 CHF

Start dates

28.07 / 04.08 / 11.08 / 29.09 / 06.10 / 13.10.2024 / 06.04 / 13.04 / 20.04 / 27.04.2025

Key points

● 6 hours of tennis training per week

● 15 hours of language teaching

● English, French and German (German only during Summer) courses

● 6 kids in average per language course

School details

Levels: A1-Beginner to C2-Proficient

Accommodation: 8-bed room, 6-bed room, 4-bed room

More accommodations

All inclusive: 3 meals a day, plus snacks, teaching materials

Airport transfer: available

Arrival : on Sunday

Departure: On Saturday (for children without airport transfer) or on Sunday (for children who have booked an airport transfer for the return journey)

Age range: 10-15 Years


Full board





Experience an unforgettable tennis & language camp up in the Swiss Alps !

Did you ever dream about having a serve like Federer, backhand like Wawrinka, topspin forehand like Nadal or stamina like Djokovic? Did you know that some dreams come true?

What are you waiting for!? Grab your racket and experience a week full of educational and fun tennis training sessions as well as dynamic language lessons (French & English) in case you someday win trophies worldwide and need to make outstanding speeches, all at Grand Slam level of course!

Our tennis camp takes place in our chalet in the Alpine village of Liddes, in Valais' region of the Grand St. Bernard. The tennis court is just around the corner and is surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps. Swinging a tennis racket in this extraordinary environment is an event to remember. 

Those attending this camp will combine language lessons in the morning with tennis training, challenges and matches in the afternoon and evenings - with some relaxing downtime activities and a Friday night disco thrown in for good measure!

In case it's raining - for it sometimes, (but very rarely!) happens in the Valais, tennis classes are held indoors, at Martigny's tennis club (participants are driven there with our mini-bus back and forth)

You get to choose between three languages: English, French or German. Our young and enthusiastic teachers give classes in small groups of six students per class on average, allowing for more teacher-student contact. The three-hour language sessions contain a healthy mixture of grammar, practical language use and fun and engaging projects that are designed to make the language more accessible to young students.

In the afternoons and some evenings, tennis training, challenges and matches will take place with our experienced tennis coaches. Participants will learn to develop their individual skill sets as well as how to play a match, work on individual development techniques and will get real in-game practice. Our coaching staff speaks English during the training sessions.

Participants will be accommodated in dormitories and shared bedrooms in our Alpine mountain chalet, with shared toilets and showers. Accommodation is on a full board basis with three meals a day cooked by our very own in-house chef, as well as extra fruit and snacks throughout the day to keep energy levels up!

This is an opportunity not to be passed up, so grab your racket and let's go!

Camp Duration:
1 - 14 Weeks
A1-Beginner to C2-Proficient
Age group:
Start dates:

06.04 / 13.04 / 20.04 / 27.04.2025

28.07 / 04.08 / 11.08.2024

29.09 / 06.10 / 13.10.2024

Language Courses:
About this camp:

A week long camp for kids and teens who want to get both their English and their tennis skills up to the Grand Slam level!

15 hours of English classes per week in groups of 6 students in average.

Also included in this price: 
- full-board accommodation
- activities and excursions
- 24-hour supervision


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now
4 Weeks 4100 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now
Language Courses:
About this camp:

A week long camp for kids and teens who want to get both their German and their tennis skills up to the Grand Slam level!

15 hours of German classes per week.

Also included in this price: 
- full-board accommodation
- activities and excursions
- 24-hour supervision


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now
Language Courses:
About this camp:

A week long camp for kids and teens who want to get both their French and their tennis skills up to the Roland Garros level!

15 hours of French lessons per week, in groups of 6 participants in average.

Also included in this price: 
- full-board accommodation
- activities and excursions
- 24-hour supervision


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now
4 Weeks 4100 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now


Weeks Price
1 Week 1400 CHF Book now
2 Weeks 2250 CHF Book now
3 Weeks 3250 CHF Book now

Relais de Dranse

Our spacious, 2014 renovated chalet “Relais de Dranse” in Liddes is in a wonderfully quiet location on the Dranse, a source river of the Rhone, about 5 minutes below the pass road into the Aosta Valley. Equipped with ping pong, billiards, table football and a garden to romp around in, our chalet offers everything for a perfect get around. You will soon feel at home here. Lots of exercises, no traffic noise, no through traffic, absolutely ideal for relaxed language holidays in Valais!

Alternatively, you can also live with a host family in Liddes St. Bernard. From morning to evening French - so you give your language skills an extra boost and get to know French in everyday life. Our gracious host families look forward to getting to know you during your vacation language course.

Auberge des Alpes

Auberge des Alpes is a cozy hotel nestled in the picturesque mountain village of Liddes in Switzerland.
It is located just a 10-minute walk from our camp, where all the meals, classes, and activities will take place. 
Whether you're here to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Swiss Alps or to relax and unwind in a peaceful mountain setting, we look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.

Accommodation Description Price Gallery
8-bed room Large shared bedroom in our mountain chalet for the hardcore campers! Full board No Fee
6-bed room Medium shared bedroom in our mountain chalet, for those who like a little extra comfort in their lives. Full board 100 CHF / per week
4-bed room Cosy shared bedroom for those who want the best night's sleep they can find while still enjoying the camaraderie of a camp environment! 200 CHF / per week
Host family - twin room For those who want to completely immerse themselves in the language 300 CHF / per week
Double room Auberge des Alpes - shared bathroom 350 CHF / per week
Double room Auberge des Alpes - private bathroom A quiet and cozy double, with shower 425 CHF / per week
  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 - 12:30   Language Class Language Class Language Class Language Class Language Class  
14:30 - 16:30 Arrivals Tennis training session Half day excursion Tennis training session Half day excursion Tennis training session & Match Full day excursion
16:30 - 18:30 Relax Relax Relax Free  
20:30 - 22:00 Welcoming games + level test Match Thematic Evening Fire camp/concert Free evening Disco  

This is a sample programme. Activities and excursions may change depending on the weather and other factors beyond our control.


You will also get the chance to visit the surrounding area with two excursions per week; one midweek afternoon excursion and another full day excursion on Saturday.

Destinations include:

  • Hike to the Col St. Bernard with a visit to the Hospice, the church and the Bernardine dog museum
  • Rope park La Fouly
  • Swimming in Bourg St. Pierre
  • Dam Les Toules
  • Martigny
  • Sion
  • VerticAlp Emosson
  • Aosta Valley (Italy)

Our tennis programme is aimed at all levels. You are only required to bring your smile to the field, the rest will be taken care of. :)

During our afternoon and evening tennis training sessions, the students will improve in various areas which will not only be useful for developping their tennis skills but also for everyday life situations.

Development of character - We give our best to develop all the character traits necessary to achieve success in tennis and life. 

Development of the player's mental strength - Tennis in its core is a mental game and we aim at our students understanding this and learning, which skills a player needs to master in order to succeed. The development of natural and unforced behavior on the ground is the direction to success. Through this part of the program, we try to positively influence the "brain" - natural behavior, focus and the "heart" of players - passion, motivation, competitive spirit. The capacity to switch to an appropriate mental mode is a skill that the player will further develop during our program.

Tactical development and techniques - Problem-solving and decision-making place a player above their opponent by increasing intelligence. The players improve their strategic thinking in order to eventually outsmart their opponent. We help them understand the core of the game and give tips on successful tactical decisions. Technique is just a tool for dealing with tactical situations. By understanding this, an acceleration of the developping process ensues. 

During the training sessions the students will learn:

  • techniques of basic strokes, serve and volley
  • improve serve and return
  • minimize unforced errors
  • tactical movement

Development of physical skills - A highly trained athlete can accomplish anything he/she wants. With diverse physical development, there are no boundaries. Working on these skills every day for a short time introduces the player to gaining top physical form. During the everyday tennis training sessions the players are encouraged to work to the maximum of their ability.

LAUNDRY SERVICE (for participants who need to wash their clothes): 40 CHF

 (gluten free, lactose free...): 100 CHF

40 CHF
We accompany you to the check-in desk, providing guidance and assistance. Please note, that our service ends at the desk, ensuring a smooth handoff before processing. This service is only available if you book a departure transfer.

For all participants who spontaneously decide during the camp to extend their stay for one week:from 800 CHF


(for students coming from abroad countries)
A member of our team welcomes the young participant at the airport and takes him/her to the camp together with other students. Their last day, he or she is accompanied back to the airport. Please make sure you book your arrival and departure flights on a Sunday and inform us as soon as you can about the details. The flight is not included in the price.

1. Geneva: Every Sunday -  150 CHF each way

  • Arrival between 10am and 6pm
  • Departure between 11am and 6pm
  • First group leaves at 2.30pm
  • Second group leaves at 6pm

2. Geneva: For flights arriving outside the hours of 10am - 6pm - 400 CHF each way
3. Private transfers from Geneva or Zurich airport - 500 CHF each way

friLingue offers an UNACCOMPANIED MINOR SERVICE  at the cost of 100 CHF each way for incoming minor students. Please check your airline's age restriction guidelines. You may find further information on the Unaccompanied Minor Service by clicking on the following link: here.

(for Swiss participants)
A member of our team waits for the participants in Zurich or Bern (each time at the main train station) and takes them to the camp along with other children and teenagers (by bus or train). At the end of the week, the participants are accompanied back to Zurich or Bern (again, to the main train station) until their parents (or another adult designed by the parents) wait for them.
Price (per way): 80 CHF from or to Zurich, 60 CHF from or to Bern (price includes the train ticket)
Price (per way) for participants with a General Abonnement (GA): 25 CHF from or to Zurich, 20 CHF from or to Bern.
Please note that for any late change (10 days before the camps or less) after booking this service (cancellation or other destination), friLingue will have to charge administration fees (40 CHF).

Arrivals are on Sundays between 5 and 6pm at the chalet where friendly members of our staff will be waiting to welcome you and show you to your room
Departures are every Saturday after the excursion between 3.30 and 4pm at the train station of that week's excursion location. The exact time and location will be confirmed by the camp leader during the week.
It is also possible for parents or guardians to collect their children directly from the camp either on Friday evening or on Saturday morning before 10am, we just kindly ask that you notify the camp leader in advance.

Camp Location

street view

5 reasons to choose friLingue

Language Camps

17 Years

Nationality mix

friLingue is hugely popular in the domestic market as well as internationally, providing international and local Swiss students the opportunity to mix and exchange languages within the camp.


We place emphasis on a young, creative and motivated teaching body and an international atmosphere with volunteers from all over the world


Our camps are held in some of Switzerland's most stunning and unique locations - expect Alpine mountains and freshwater lakes that will take your breath away!


Our young, creative and diverse group of teachers are encouraged to use more fun and interactive methods, making the language more accessible to each student.

Small class sizes

Our classes are held in small classes of around 6 students, providing more teacher-student contact that allows the teacher to focus upon the specific learning needs of each student. Average number of students per class in 2023: 5.

Find the friLingue camp for you!