An enchanted island


In England, most children and teenagers go to school wearing their uniform, like in the movies about Harry Potter! Of course, young folks coming from other countries to learn English don’t have to observe this custom, but they will be surprised by this details and by many others: cars that roll on the left side of the street, these “fish and chips” that English are so found of, distances sometimes indicated in miles…

In this strange country, proud of its difference, Shakespeare and the Beatles and so many world-famous characters were born. During your language study vacation in England, you will learn English but also discover this fascinating culture!

Our Destinations

Mit fRilingue in Sidmouth englisch lernen


Sprachaufenthalt in Brighton mit fRilingue


Englisch verbessern in Bournemouth mit fRilingue


In Oxford englisch lernen mit fRilingue


Mit fRilingue in Cambridge Englisch verbessern


Englisch lernen in London England


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