The Hexagon


Did you know that France is the country that counts the most different time zone? With its over-sea territories (one of them being the island of Martinique), France is nowadays the only country in the world on which the sun never sets. It is one of the questions we regularly use in our friLingue’s camp during our quiz nights!

In the metropole, our language school partners welcome you to improve your French, a language that might seem a little difficult because of its spelling, but that is so dear to the heart of its native speakers that they argue every time someone suggests to feminize a title or simply accept the pronunciation of a word: shall we pronounce the “h” of “haricot” or not? Shall we use the word “mairesse” to speak of female mayor or use its masculine form? While learning French, no one would blame you for such details, but it gives you an idea of how much French speakers and French citizens in particular can be peculiar regarding their language… Your French teachers and the members of your host families will try to communicate their love for the language during your stay in France, and help you gain on self-confidence so that you can communicate and discover not only the language, but also the whole culture that goes along…

Our Destinations

Mit fRilingue in Antibes Französisch lernen


Sprachferien in Cannes mit fRilingue


Französisch verbessern in Biarritz mit fRilingue


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