For friLingue, first of all, it is a question of taking advantage of the unique situation of the multilingualism and diverse cultural backgrounds enjoyed by Switzerland.

In this context, we want to offer young people a framework of varied experience, enabling everyone to meet cultural and linguistic otherness in all its forms. We believe that it is by evolving in such an environment that young people develop their confidence in themselves and in others, and in doing so their sense of responsibility.

The idea is never to judge or even criticize young people for what they are or face, what they should be or do but to encourage them to assert themselves as independent beings in a life that's as open as possible. And for that you have to be very careful; this is the best prevention that exists!

In short, we have always wanted to open up different horizons for the students, to allow them to express themselves through varied and inventive means so that they can live the enriching experiences needed for an active life.