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Love, with elegance and taste

France is famous all over the world for its gastronomy, culture, art, landscapes and its eventful history. Since the 1990s, the World Tourism Organisation has placed it at the top of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers and romantic spirits - and for good reason!

From Paris to Marseille via Savoie, the country displays a certain diversity, much appreciated by travelers and curious people of all kinds. With its beautiful countryside, high mountains, seaside and picturesque towns, there is something for everyone!

And of course, in terms of the French-speaking world, the country is an obligatory reference point. Working with its active accents and subcultures, France certainly founds its cultural identity and its linguistic unity in the plurality of its influences.

An immersion in everyday French practices, ways of doing and thinking and eating, stories, memories and the arts - that's what it takes for a student who wants to learn French wholeheartedly.

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