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«La suisse n'existe pas!» (Switzerland does not exist!) - This was the sentence Switzerland introduced itself with at the World Exposition in Seville in 1992. This was because it is not uniformity, but variety in a small space that defines Switzerland. This can be explained culturally and geographically: In little Switzerland, four national languages are spoken in addition to numerous dialects. There is also a distinction between the culture in the mountains and the culture on the central plateau; while life in a mountain valley is different from that in the big city. So, although there are numerous regional traditions, there are relatively few national customs. However, over time and with the increase in tourism, there are some local customs that have achieved national fame.

The language communities eat different things and have different traditions and customs. Even their shared history only goes back about two centuries. The Swiss themselves are sometimes puzzled about what they have in common apart from their passport. So what is it that makes them Swiss? The Swiss say they are held together by the desire to stay united. The general attitude is summed up in the formula "unity, but not uniformity."

Switzerland is the perfect summer camp destination for juniors and teens. Blessed with beautiful scenery and safe communities, Switzerland is easily accessible by train and air from Europe and other international locations.

In summer, temperatures can rise to between 25 and 30°C, with temperatures exceeding the 30°C mark during hot summers.

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