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It might be located on the Costa del Sol, a stretch of Spain's southern coast known to be dominated by resort towns that are mostly frequented by British tourists, but Malaga is in many ways worlds apart from the resorts  found along the adjoining coast, as its rich and cultural history provides a breath of fresh air in the region.

While some still argue that Málaga doesn't have the same cultural draw as its Andalusian neighbours such as Seville, Granada or Córdoba, others claim that Malaga is becoming the province's cultural capital, as its 'Mile of Art' contains museums and galleries to rival those of Madrid and its reputation as a fine dining beach city is drawing plenty of comparisons to Catalunya’s Barcelona. Furthermore, the port was also expanded and rebuilt recently, allowing it to accept cruise liners, increasing overall tourism to the city.

With its year-round temperate climate and rich Andalusian culture, Málaga is the perfect destination for your Spanish language stay!

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friLingue is hugely popular in the domestic market as well as internationally, providing international and local Swiss students the opportunity to mix and exchange languages within the camp.


We place emphasis on a young, creative and motivated teaching body and an international atmosphere with volunteers from all over the world


Our camps are held in some of Switzerland's most stunning and unique locations - expect Alpine mountains and freshwater lakes that will take your breath away!


Our young, creative and diverse group of teachers are encouraged to use more fun and interactive methods, making the language more accessible to each student.

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Our classes are held in small classes of around 6 students, providing more teacher-student contact that allows the teacher to focus upon the specific learning needs of each student. Average number of students per class in 2023: 5.

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